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Asbestos SMART For Universities and Higher Education

We believe our Asbestos SMART system provides dutyholders in universities, colleges and higher education with a simple and cost effective digital means to further enhance the management of any already identified asbestos in their buildings.

Asbestos SMART provides instant 24/7 access to information regarding the type and location of all already identified asbestos materials in your buildings via a smartphone or tablet. By simply scanning a unique site-specific QR code, vital and potentially life-saving information can be provided to staff, students, visiting contractors and others that may be at risk of disturbing asbestos fibres. It’s hygienic and contactless. It reduces administration and eliminates the need to share hard copy registers.

The Asbestos SMART QR code can be clearly presented in staff and student areas or as part of your onsite visitor check-in procedure. Estates and maintenance contractors will have instant visibility of the locations of any known asbestos onsite before they start work. This helps to eliminate the risk of accidental disturbance and exposure, as well as the costs associated with the disruption and delay of the project when unknown asbestos is discovered by contractors and maintenance teams.

All QR code downloads are logged. Every time an asbestos register is downloaded the date, time and user’s IP address are recorded; giving management valuable “line of sight” reporting plus evidence of effective management.

The Asbestos SMART system works with any valid asbestos register provided by your existing asbestos contractor and is not limited to asbestos surveys carried out by specific companies.