Asbestos SMART key benefits for universities and higher education

Why not take a look at the key benefits Asbestos SMART can offer universites and higher education institutions? We would also encourage you to watch our Asbestos SMART video and try out our sample QR code for yourself.


  • The building’s asbestos register is instantly accessible, 24/7, to everyone whenever and wherever they need it, via a mobile device with a camera function.
  • No user authentication required: No need for users to create an account or sign in with a username and password.
  • Hygienic and contactless solution which eliminates the need for hard copy office manuals and filing systems.
  • The asbestos register is presented in an easily understood format. Once accessed, it can be carried through the building on a mobile device.
  • Tailored, well designed and well positioned signage can act as an important reminder to both staff, students and contractors that ACMs are present in the building and care needs to be taken not to disturb them.
  • The overall result is that the risk of damaging or disturbing ACMs is vastly reduced, making buildings safer for occupants, visitors and contractors.
  • Consequently, less time and money needs to be spent on costly, unplanned remedial works caused by asbestos disturbances
  • Asbestos SMART can provide significant savings on administration costs whilst speeding up distribution of asbestos registers to relevant persons, as required by law.
  • QR downloads are logged. Every time an asbestos register is downloaded the date, time and user’s IP address are recorded; giving management valuable “line of sight” reporting plus evidence of effective management.
  • The Asbestos SMART system works with any valid asbestos register and is not limited to asbestos surveys carried out by specific companies.
  • Larger employers can purchase bulk licences. Individual building managers, sites, campuses etc. can download their own reports, generate their own unique QR codes and develop signage tailored to their own needs.

To find out more please visit our Asbestos SMART webpage. We would also encourage you to watch our Asbestos SMART video and try out our sample QR code for yourself.

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