100 schools and workplaces sign up to UKNAR’s Asbestos SMART trials

Following the announcement of UKNAR CIC’s partnership with Mesothelioma UK in the last edition, we are delighted to announce that over 50 schools are now going to be trialling UKNAR’s Asbestos SMART system from September. In addition, Knight Frank, the UK’s leading dependent real estate agency has adopted Asbestos SMART technology across its prestigious London commercial property portfolio.

The newly formed CIC (Community Interest Company) has been working hard over lockdown to hit the safeguarding message home to schools and local authorities with the aim of protecting onsite maintenance teams, contractors, pupils and staff, to improve the management of asbestos in the 80% of UK schools where it remains a persistent and potentially deadly issue.

Over the last few months, UKNAR’s school campaign has been encouraging UK schools to sign up to UKNAR’s national database. In turn, this currently provides free early adopter trial access to  Asbestos SMART ; a very simple, contactless, paperless QR code system to help schools and dutyholders manage their asbestos registers and asbestos risks more effectively to prevent unnecessary asbestos exposures.  As well as saving lives, it saves administration time and money and potentially expensive disruption caused by accidental asbestos disturbances or delays to works.

In the commercial property sector, UKNAR’s Asbestos SMART system will help Knight Frank to create a safer environment for contractors, landlords and building occupiers. By simply scanning a unique site-specific QR code, Knight Frank’s estates management and building maintenance teams will have instant access to all known asbestos across the property portfolio, via mobile phone or tablet.

Jason Taylor, Head of Facilities Management, Knight Frank, London, comments: “Asbestos SMART proactively promotes good public health and safety practice and helps us to look after everyone who uses our buildings. Today everyone has access to a mobile phone, so by using the latest simple smart technology, we can protect contractors, visitors and occupiers alike.”

Andrew Paten, Co-Founder, UKNAR, says: “Our first official signing for Asbestos SMART in the commercial property sector is with Knight Frank and we are truly delighted that Mesothelioma UK directly benefits from this partnership as well as building occupiers across Knight Frank’s London property portfolio. We hope it will be the start of many others in this space following Knight Frank’s example. We are very encouraged by the in-roads we have been able to make in education and commercial property over the last few months – albeit this is just the tip of the iceberg, but we are heading in a very positive trajectory. “

The new partnership with Knight Frank represents a significant milestone for UKNAR as a newly formed Community Interest Company (CIC) and its commitment to pursuing a social purpose over making profits for shareholders.  As a direct beneficiary, Mesothelioma UK will receive five percent of all Asbestos SMART license fees.

UKNAR is now proactively looking to expand its reach in education, public sector, social housing and commercial property – if you know a workplace that could benefit from adopting Asbestos SMART, please get in touch with Stuart Towers, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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