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UKNAR targets 1,000 schools in 2021 with asbestos awareness and prevention campaign

UKNAR’s first, inaugural year has created a solid platform of awareness of Asbestos SMART and our aim to build a UK National Asbestos Register.  Our task in 2021 is now to take the high levels of interest and support for our social mission and turn them into action with duty holders across the UK. Sharing information to save lives with Asbestos SMART QR code technology needs to be an intrinsic part of the routine management of asbestos across the public estate. UKNAR’s primary mission is to make this happen and so prevent hundreds of future victims.

With Asbestos SMART now installed in over 300 properties.  Having received great feedback following a successful a pilot programme with UK schools, it is clear that our services are needed. We need to help conscientious dutyholders and employers protect those who are most at risk of accidental exposure.

In light of this, we are taking our key learnings from 2020 and setting our sights on 1000 schools adopting Asbestos SMART in 2021. This is still only about 5% of UK schools that contain asbestos but will better protect hundreds of thousands of pupils, staff and contractors. It should also make a huge difference in increasing levels of asbestos awareness in UK schools, where so many people remain vulnerable.

We know that teachers are 5 times more likely to develop fatal mesothelioma as a result of being exposed to asbestos in school throughout their careers – and we know that children exposed to asbestos whilst in school can develop latent signs of mesothelioma in later life as a direct consequence. We believe this is unacceptable when risk prevention can be so simply and cheaply managed with today’s compliance knowledge and technology i.e., for as little as £2-£300 per school.

If you know a school, college, university, employer, dutyholder or workplace that could benefit from Asbestos SMART, please introduce us. 5% of Asbestos SMART’s licence fees go to Mesothelioma UK as our charity partners.

To register a school, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.  For further information visit