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UKNAR - UK National Asbestos Register invites schools to take part in free early adopter trials for Asbestos SMART

UKNAR, (UK National Asbestos Register) has launched a nationwide campaign to invite up to 50 schools to participate in free early adopter trials of its innovative new Asbestos SMART QR code technology.

Asbestos SMART provides a simple, paperless, contactless solution which helps schools manage their asbestos risks more effectively. During this period of disruption, contractors involved in making necessary modifications to school facilities can now be safely informed of the location of any asbestos risks by using their Smartphone to scan a QR code on site. This saves time and allows contractors to work safely and efficiently, eradicating the need to interface with reception staff to consult hard copy asbestos registers in the school office.

It is well documented that over 80% of UK schools contain asbestos and alarmingly both teachers and pupils have a heightened risk of contracting mesothelioma cancer as a result of disturbances and exposure to asbestos fibres in the school environment.

Asbestos removal is extremely costly and outside the budget capability for most schools: effective asbestos management is crucial. As a result here have been increasing demands for a National Asbestos Database to help manage the UK’s public sector asbestos risks more systematically and cost effectively. 

Asbestos SMART QR code technology is already being trialed in a small number of UK schools. To test its suitability further UKNAR is now extending the reach of the trial by recruiting fifty additional schools to take part in a larger pool of early adopter trials

The trials will last for six months and are free for all schools selected to participate. The sample of schools selected will be split between primary and secondary education. Information gathered will be used to inform future product development.

Andrew Paten, Co-Founder, UKNAR commented: “Asbestos SMART is designed to provide schools with a simple and cost effective means to help manage asbestos, whilst giving trustees, head teachers and their dutyholders a better line of sight and reassurance that they are fulfilling their legal responsibilities to protect staff, pupils and site visitors.

“At this difficult time, where hygiene is paramount, Asbestos SMART offers a contactless and paperless solution, which is particularly valuable. We are hopeful that the trials will help us find the best and most practical way for a national asbestos database to be implemented in the education sector.”

To find out more about Asbestos SMART and how it works - or to take part in UKNAR’S  free early adopter trials for schools, contact Stuart Towers, Head of Research & Sales email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or send an enquiry.