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UKNAR supports global asbestos awareness week


UKNAR – the UK National Asbestos Register is actively supporting Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW) 2020 from 01 to 07 April.

Every year GAAW brings together experts from around the world to share, learn and take action to prevent exposure to asbestos. This year during the difficult circumstances we are experiencing with COVID-19, we’ve taken the unequivocal stance that critical asbestos awareness activity should continue as planned.

Asbestos claims tens of thousands of lives worldwide each year and therefore we simply cannot afford to take a break from campaigning - a view that is shared with many around the globe and at home in the UK.  

It is encouraging to see so many organisations set to fly the flag this week to raise awareness of the world's biggest cause of work-related cancer.

We are joining the asbestos awareness community to create a united voice with a seven-day schedule of shareable information. 

Do look out for the following asbestos awareness campaigns this week, to name just a few:


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