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UKNAR presents at the European Asbestos Forum

UKNAR were delighted to be invited to speak at the European Asbestos Forum held in the Netherlands on 14th -15th November.

Andrew Paten, Co-founder of UKNAR - UK National Asbestos Register presented the new social enterprise and introduced it's supporting technology Asbestos SMART at the European Asbestos Forum's Asbestos & Innovation workshop held as part of EAF's 4th international conference in Amsterdam. 

Andrew was delighted to join a wide range of top global speakers in discussing topics such as the true dangers of asbestos, the need to remove asbestos, denaturation and innovation.

Andrew is pictured with Yvonne Waterman, President of the European Asbestos Forum. 

The European Asbestos Forum

The European Asbestos Forum strives to improve professional networks and the exchange of the very best and newest knowledge on all matters related to asbestos. Across borders and sectors, available to everyone. Sharing the best innovations, the newest insights, the best practices. 

While the EAF is focused on professionals, asbestos victims organisations are welcomed, too. Because asbestos diseases are preventable. It is up to the professionals of today to ensure that there will be no future asbestos victims, that everybody lives in a safe house and works in a safe workplace.