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UKNAR contributes to leading think tank policy paper – ‘Why a national database can and should be established’

UKNAR features in the latest policy paper ‘Why a National Asbestos Database Can and Should be Established’ by leading think tank ResPublica. The paper has been launched in support of the UK-wide ‘Airtight on Asbestos’ campaign to influence the HSE’s current regime on asbestos management and the subsequent major risk it poses to public health.

For over a decade now, there have been calls for a centralised asbestos register. During this time, we have also witnessed an increase in the number of asbestos related deaths amongst teachers and nurses (occupations not traditionally associated with exposure). Alarmingly, despite this no significant action has been taken at Government level to address these concerns.

The Airtight on Asbestos campaign stands together with UKNAR on this matter and is calling for Government to establish a central register of all asbestos currently in place in public buildings across the UK (including schools, hospitals and social housing).

Importantly, the new policy paper challenges the HSE’s relaxed attitude by highlighting the right environment and timely opportunity for new, affordable and accessible technology available now to bridge the gap and offer a rapid response. UKNAR’s Asbestos SMART QR-code technology is perfectly placed to feasibly and effectively tackle the issue head on with the ultimate solutions-based approach to create and maintain a national database.

Download to read the full paper here