10 Key Benefits of Asbestos SMART

Asbestos SMART offers a number of key benefits:

  • Your asbestos register is instantly accessible on site 24/7 to everyone when and where they need it, provided they have a mobile device with a camera function.
  • No user authentication, account sign in or password is necessary.
  • Once accessed, the register can be carried on their mobile device throughout the building.
  • Signage can be individually tailored (eg. for signing in books, plant rooms, staff rooms, etc.) to remind staff and contractors where ACMs are present and that care is required not to disturb them.
  • The risk of damaging or disturbing ACMs is significantly reduced making buildings safer for everyone.
  • This can save significant time and money on costly remedial works caused by accidents.
  • Time spent distributing asbestos registers to contractors and other relevant persons is significantly reduced.
  • QR download reports are available giving management valuable line of sight regarding usage.
  • Asbestos SMART works with any valid asbestos register. You are not tied to using a specific asbestos surveying company.
  • Larger employers can purchase bulk licences. Different building managers, hospitals, schools etc. can download their own registers to the UK National Asbestos Register, generating their own QR codes and signage tailored to their own needs.

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